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Appliance Repair in Glendale

Dryer repair

Glendale Dryer repairs. Dryer Repair Glendale

Dryer repair
Glendale, Los Angeles

Quick & Pro Glendale Appliance Repairs takes the stress away from your faulty dryer. We provide you with all of your options from repair and servicing, to supply and installation prior to completing the job.

We have been keeping appliances running for more than 10 years! During these years, we’ve built a reputation for fair, honest and expert Dryer repairs Glendale services. We provide a quality of service that you can rely on. Our repair standards are closely monitored and maintained.

For all of your dryer needs – we will source the right parts and provide you with a professional and prompt service.Dryer repairs Glendale, however dryer repair Glendale


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Dryer Repairs Glendale

  • Noisy dryer?
  • Scratching sounds?
  • Slight burning smell from lint/dust?
  • The drum slow in turning?

Whatever the problem you can be assured that we will diagnose and give you a clear and honest solution to the problem.

Repairing a broken dryer is not a thing that can be considered an emergency (at least in most cases), but if you need it right now, we can bring it back to normal in the emergency mode.

Whatever the issue with your dryer, we are ready to handle it without compromising your budget. Our company aims at maintaining moderate prices while offering high quality repair services covering a wide range of domestic appliances. dryer repair Glendale

Time Slots dryer repairs Glendale

Have you ever found it frustrating that dryer repair technicians offer you a morning or afternoon time slot?

We always do our best to agree a time so that you can plan your day. dryer repair Glendale

We’re Affordable

We know finances are hard enough right now without worrying about that broken washing machine, so our repair bills don’t cost the earth. dryer repair Glendale

Dryer Installations Glendale

We also do installation services for your dyer. From careful one-off dryer installations and replacement at your home to high-volume commercial installations.

Dryer Maintenance Tips

  • Make sure the door area and lint filter are cleaned, otherwise it will give a poor dryer performance and the machine will need to work harder.
  • Sometimes the machine will need to cool down between loads, if you find it is blowing cold air. Dryer repairs Glendale